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Black Sky


Our services are all inclusive, which allows us to tailor each appointment for each pets specific needs. 

Black Sky
Dog Wash

Warm bath with individualized shampoo/conditioner

Nail Clip

Nail trim and filing

Dog Getting Groomed

Breed specific trim/

personality trim

Happy Dog

Blow dry and

brush out

Brushing Dog's Teeth

Teeth brushed/

Breath refresh

Princess Puppy

Styled accessory

Black Sky

À la Carte and extras

While our services are all inclusive, some pets require a little extra TLC for their spa day. We check over each pet before their appointment to identify any special needs or concerns that should be addressed. 

Black Sky

À la Carte

  • Nail trim and filing

    • First Pet $45​

    • Each additional pet $25

  • Nail polish $25​

Must be within 5 miles or less of other scheduled appointments, otherwise a full trip fee will incur. Additional pet fee also applies to full service bath or groom appointments.

  • Deshedding treatment (hourly)

  • Special handling/elderly pet $25

  • Flea relief (not a preventative) $35

  • Anal gland check (by request, included)

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